Is the Noir app safe?

Yes, the Noir app and Safari Extension are completely safe to use. Your browsing data is never collected, and your settings will never leave your device or iCloud account.

Noir is a paid app, so its development is directly funded and supported by its customers. The app is the product, not you or your data.

Is there a Mac version of Noir?

Yes, there is! Noir for macOS is available on the Mac App Store as a separate purchase.

Is there a visionOS version of Noir?

Yes, there is! Noir for Apple Vision Pro is available on the visionOS App Store as a separate purchase.

Noir for visionOS is a completely native app that was rebuilt specifically for Apple Vision Pro. It is a separate purchase in order to support future development of Noir on the platform. All your settings will sync between all devices across all versions of Noir: iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Vision Pro.

Why is a website not getting dark?

There can be multiple reasons why Noir doesn't darken a website:

If none of these reasons apply, please report this website and I will have a look at it.

Noir isn't working properly on a website. What can I do?

Noir is made to be able to run on every website. However, with millions and millions of websites, I couldn't possibly have checked them all manually. While Noir is built to be adaptive capable of handling almost any trick websites have up their sleeves to define and update their styling, it is inevitable that sometimes you'll come across a website that Noir doesn't work well on. Yet.

In case that ever happens, please report the website through the app. This will notify me about the issue. I will then do my best to look into it, see what's preventing Noir from working properly, and improve the compatibility of Noir on that website!

To report an issue, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Noir menu in Safari
    Tap the aA button in the address bar, then select Noir.
  2. Tap Report Issue With this Website. This will open the Noir app.
  3. In the app, add some details about the issue, optionally add your email address, and submit.

Can Noir run within apps other than Safari?

Unfortunately, Web Extensions like Noir only work inside the Safari app. Most apps load websites within an 'embedded' version of Safari, and sadly it is not yet possible to run extensions there.

The fastest way to load the website with Noir is to open the website in the Safari app. To do that, simply tap the compass button on the bottom right of the 'embedded' Safari. This will open the Safari app, and Noir will immediately be active.

Can I also allow Noir access on a per-website basis?

While it is recommended to always allow Noir access to all websites, Noir can also be allowed access on a per-website basis. Please note that if you want to disable Noir on certain specific websites, it is much easier to control that directly through Noir. And rest assured, Noir does not collect any of your data.

There are three ways to run Noir:

  1. Always Allow on Every Website
    This is the most convenient option. Noir is able to run on every website, and you can disable/enable Noir on specific websites through the Noir app. Noir will never access or track your browsing data, even in this mode.
  2. Always Allow on Specific Websites
    In this mode, Noir will only be able to run on websites you've already granted access to. For every new website you want to use Noir on, you need to activate the Noir extension manually.
    You can do this by tapping the puzzle-piece button in the address bar in Safari, and then selecting Noir in the menu. (On macOS, select the Noir icon in the address bar.) Finally, in the popup, tap 'Always Allow on This Website'.
  3. Allow for One Day on Specific Websites
    This works pretty much the same as option 2, only will the permission for Noir to run on a website reset after a day.

Please note that on macOS 13 (Ventura) and earlier, only the 'Always Allow on Every Website' mode is available.

Is any of my browsing data collected?

No, Noir does not collect any of your data. Noir needs access to the pages that you visit, in order to analyze them and generate a dark mode for it. However, none of this data is ever stored.

When you first enable Noir, Safari will show an alert that informs you that extensions are able to access the pages that you visit. This is a default alert that is shown for all extensions, not just for Noir.

You can find out more in Noir's (short and simple) Privacy Policy.

My keyboard shortcuts are not working, what's causing this?

If the keyboard shortcuts you've set up for Noir are not working, it could be the case that they are also used by Safari, or the specific website that you're using. These keyboard shortcuts take priority over Noir's keyboard shortcuts, preventing Noir from picking up on them. To check if this may be the case, please try your keyboard shortcuts on a simple page without custom keyboard shortcuts (such as this one), to see if your keyboard shortcuts work there.

If you're using the StopTheMadness Safari extension, please note that if you have either the "Protect option-key shortcuts" or "Protect all key presses" options enabled, this will also block Noir from reading your keyboard shortcuts. Disabling these settings will fix this.

Why is Auto Mode working differently on visionOS?

visionOS does not support a built-in Dark Mode. Because most app windows are semi-transparent, this is not needed.

On other platforms, Noir will be linked to the Dark Mode of your device, but on Apple Vision Pro Noir will follow a time schedule. By default Noir will darken pages between 8PM and 7AM, but you can easily customize this in the Noir app.

I have another question. Where do I go?

Please send an email to jeffrey@getnoir.app and I'll make sure to get back to you!

You can also tap the 'Contact Support' button on the More tab within the app.